Secure Identity and Access

Trusted digital identity for individuals and machines, and access that is controlled prevents data breaches and fraudulent transactions.

Application Security

For secure online activities, application vulnerabilities must be identified and remediated early on before they are exploited.

Data Protection

Data - in motion and at rest - must be protected anywhere they are - within and beyond the confines of the office or in the cloud.

Strengthen the Security of your users, applications and data

Our Solutions

Remote Working

The success of the organization comes from an individual or employee no matter the size of the organization. Empowering individuals to work at their best regardless of location, platform and device, increases productivity.

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Digital Transformation

A new approach when it comes to conducting our day to day activities has arisen. As organizations continue to embrace digital transformation, it is important to keep in mind that security should always be their top priority.

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Data Privacy Compliance

With the various threats that we face on our day-to-day operations, organizations need to address different security measures to comply with laws protecting data.

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Cloud Adoption

Today, enterprises try to balance the scalability of cloud deployment to reduce cost. More and more businesses are moving to the cloud to store, manage and process their data.

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Security Components

  • Secure User

    Human and non-human users are provided with trusted digital identity.

  • Secure Device

    Devices are protected against unauthorized access and threats.

  • Secure Application

    Application vulnerabilities are identified and remediated before being exploited.

  • Protected Data

    Data are protected from unauthorized access and threats wherever they reside.

Our Products

Secure Identity and Access

Providing humans and non-humans users with trusted digital identity and access that is controlled is important in preventing fraudulent transactions and data breaches.

Application Security

Vulnerabilities in applications can be exploited, which can then lead to breaches and attacks. Thus, the need to be identified and remediated immediately to ensure secure online activities and transactions.

Data Protection

The digital landscape has evolved. Protecting data has become complex now that they no longer only reside in the confines of the office. Protection should be employed no matter where the data resides.

Threat Intelligence

Security teams should have a clear picture of the threats that are relevant to them, which in turn will allow them to protect their attack surface.

Managed Services

Secure User as a Service

Netrust can assist organizations with their authentication and access controls needs in order to provide secure identity and access for their users.

Secure Device as a Service

Netrust has solutions that will address the pressing concerns of organizations that have adopted the new norm when it comes to work.

Secure Application as a Service

Netrust can assist organizations in identifying and remediating their applications' vulnerabilities before being exploited.

Protected Data as a Service

Netrust can assist organizations to ensure all their data and files are encrypted, no matter where they reside.

Vulnerability Assessment as a Service

Netrust can help organizations identify what areas to prioritize in terms of putting the right security controls and how to prioritize certain vulnerabilities.


 Virtual Event

Data Breach: It's Easy
as 1-2-3

In this exclusive webinar, our security experts will show how easy it is for attackers to steal credentials to exfiltrate data thus, the need for organizations to quickly move away from using traditional usernames and passwords.

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