BSP Circular No. 1140 Issued to Ward Off Fraud

29 July 2022 by Arvin Quizon

BSP Governor Benjamin Diokno recently issued Circular No. 1140 – Amendments to Regulations on Information Technology Risk Management. This requires BSP supervised financial institutions (BSFIs) to place an automated and real-time fraud monitoring and detection system to identify and block suspicious or fraudulent online transactions.

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The Dangers of Face Swap Apps

2 June 2022 by Grace Daniel

More and more face swap apps are now available for download. It’s like getting your hands on CGI. While it’s fun and entertaining to swap your face with another’s, or see what your future kids would look like, or replace the face on a video with yours and become a dancing sensation, there are potential dangers that come with the use of face swap apps.

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Buckle Up for Safety!

30 May 2022 by Arvin Quizon

Seatbelts and airbags are invented to prevent drivers and passengers from being thrown into windshields, or thrown loose in the vehicle. It’s there as insurance or protection just in case something happens. Same goes with multi-factor authentication. When something big hits, the business is sure relieved and grateful for its existence.

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Putting The Sec in DevOps can be as easy as ABC

6 September 2021 by Grace Daniel

The way we work, learn, transact, connect and unwind took a 180-degree turn when the pandemic hit. Due to restrictions on mobility, we’ve become reliant on the use of applications to adapt to the new normal.

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Effortless End to End Customer Onboarding Is Not Mission Impossible

2 September 2021 by Grace Daniel

The global pandemic has caused a radical shift from brick-and-mortar to online. And businesses should not stand still if they want to remain competitive in the new normal. With COVID-19 not slowing down, government restrictions limiting movement to curb the spread of the virus are still enforced. Giving consumers the option to conduct their transactions while being cooped up inside their homes is key for businesses to stay relevant during this pandemic.

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Hasta La Vista, Paper Signatures

26 August 2021 by Grace Daniel

In the past year or so, there’s been a big push for organizations to speed up their digital transformation and digitalization to adapt to the new normal, and to ensure business continuity amid government restrictions in place. One of the challenges organizations face during this pandemic is routing of documents for signatures.

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Public Key Infrastructure: To adopt, or not to adopt, that is the question

19 August 2021 by Grace Daniel

Almost two years into the pandemic, organizations continue to embrace a hybrid workforce and more and more transactions are being done electronically – a temporary permanent that will certainly not be going away even in a post-pandemic world.

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The Evolution of Authentication

13 August 2021 by Grace Daniel

Since the 1960s passwords have been used to verify user identity. On the other hand, the first known data breach occurred in 1961. The two-factor authentication (2FA) that we know today was first made available by the late 1980s. 

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