Secure Device as a Service

Secure Device
as a Service


The sudden shift to remote and hybrid working has widen the perimeter that organizations need to secure. Oftentimes, this shift means the integration of personal and work activities in the same device. This gives adversaries more opportunities to carry out malicious activities through new attack vectors, and leaves the organization much more vulnerable than ever before. Protect your hybrid workforce by protecting their devices from threats no matter where they work – within and outside of the confines of the office.

Strengthen the Security of your users, applications and data

Key Benefits

Effective Budgeting​

Our security experts will advise on what solutions will provide the best protection based on a given budget.

Endpoint Threat Prevention

Protect the endpoint of your workforce regardless where they work.

Secure Internet Browsing

Protect devices from threats coming from malicious internet links.

Email Security

Have peace of mind that your workforce will not fall victim to phishing links in emails, and will only access links from legitimate senders.

Mobile Security

Protect devices from threats coming from applications, network and OS.

Financial Loss Prevention

Protecting your workforce devices ultimately prevents financial loss due to cyber attacks.

Strengthen the Security of your Organization