Digital Transformation



As organizations embrace digital transformation, it is important to keep in mind that security should be a top priority. 

Strengthen the Security of your users, applications and data

Solution Components

Secure User

Human and non-human users are provided with trusted digital identity and high assurance authentication.

Secure Application

Application vulnerabilities are identified and remediated before being exploited. Applications are kept secure and reliable.

Protected Data

Digitally signed documents are protected from manipulation and alterations.

Adapt with the Accelerated Digital Transformation

Remote Onboarding

Onboard new customers to your platform anytime and anywhere. 

Fraud Prevention

Using ID verification, facial recognition and liveness check, fraud can be detected and prevented when onboarding new customers.

Contactless Transactions

Allow customers to conduct transactions without the need for face-to-face contact. This can be done securely at the comfort of one's home or no matter where they are.

Secure Electronic Signing

Send and sign documents easily, quickly and securely anywhere in the world. Documents signed are legally binding in the Philippines and in over 100 countries.

Shift-left approach to security

Incorporate security considerations early into the development process rather than adding security in the final stages of development.

High Assurance Authentication

SMS One-Time Password (OTP) no longer provides sufficient security. Authentication methods such as Push Authentication can prevent account takeover and many more.

Strengthen the Security of your Oganization