Dynamic Application Security Testing

Dynamic Application
Security Testing


The demand for application development has increased in recent months, so as the demand to develop applications at an increased speed, and this can lead to security gaps.

Strengthen the Security of your users, applications and data

Features and Benefits

Discovery of Vulnerabilities

Our DAST solution actively attacks your application to discover vulnerabilities. 

Test for a Variety of Attack Types

The solution tests for OWASP Top Ten vulnerabilities.

Validate Vulnerabilities with Attack Replay

Allows developers to confirm a vulnerability without dependency on the security team.

Interactive Reports

Extract reports in static and interactive HTML formats. The latter allows for an easy way to review scan results.

Flexible Scanning

Scan with a cloud-based or an on-premise scan engine.

Scan Scheduling

Schedule scans to ensure continuous visibility of risks while avoiding scanning on peak periods.

Fast-track Remediation

Remediate vulnerabilities rapidly. 

Strengthen the Security of your applications