Static Application Security Testing

Static Application
Security Testing


The new normal has resulted in the reliance on online services. This resulted in high demand for application development at a fast pace. The need to develop applications at an increased speed can lead to security gaps.

Strengthen the Security of your users, applications and data

Features and Benefits

Simplified Application Security Testing Automation

Our SAST solution integrates with common application release orchestration software and source repositories to apply security policies automatically.

Best Fix Location

Lets developers fix multiple vulnerabilities through a single point in the code using the unique “Best Fix Location” algorithm.

Find Vulnerabilities Sooner

Scans uncompiled code and doesn’t require a complete build. 

Support for Major Programming Languages and Frameworks

A vast majority of programming languages are supported such as Java, C++, ASP, PHP, Python, and more.

Accurately Identify Open Source Vulnerabilities

Scans your software’s source code for open source libraries and identifies any vulnerabilities associated with it.

Prioritize Exploitable Open Source Vulnerabilities

Identifies open source vulnerabilities that constitute a threat, which in turn allows developers to remediate them before they are exploited.


A training that enables developers to build secure application during the software development lifecycle. 

Strengthen the Security of your applications