Data Privacy Compliance

Data Privacy


With the various threats that we face on our day-to-day operations, organizations need to address different security measures to comply with laws protecting data. Our products address point by point approach to different vectors with the organization’s security framework.

Strengthen the Security of your users, applications and data

Solution Components

Secure User

Human and non-human users are provided with trusted digital identity and high assurance authentication.

Secure Device

Devices are protected against unauthorized access and other threats - be it BYOD or company issued devices.

Secure Application

Application vulnerabilities are identified and remediated before being exploited. Applications are kept secure.

Protected Data

Data - in motion and at rest are protected wherever they reside - within and beyond the confines of the office or in the cloud.

Data Privacy Compliance a Competitive Edge

High Assurance Authentication

The use of traditional username and password is no longer sufficient to protect private, personal, or sensitive information. Thus, the need for high assurance authentication such as Push Authentication.

Secure Data

Secure data at all times - at rest, in use and in transit - on endpoint devices.

Encrypt Everything

Encrypting selected files is not enough. All files and data should be encrypted to be protected from attacks and threats.

Data Classification

Classify data based on information they contain and restrict access to certain individuals or groups.

Data Theft Prevention

Abandoned folders and files are identified and removed to prevent data theft as they do not have any security policies in place.

Develop and Deploy Secure Applications

Identify vulnerabilities before they are exploited that may lead to data exfiltration.

Strengthen the Security of your Oganization