Multi-Factor Authentication



Today, the use of username and password is no longer sufficient. The best approach is to use a multi-factor authentication which provides a frictionless experience, as well as a high level of security.

Strengthen the Security of your users, applications and data

Features and Benefits

Wide Range of Authenticators

Our MFA solution supports a wide range of authenticators which includes mobile push authentication, and smart credentials.

Risk-based Authentication

Get an added level of security as and when required. For example, when a user logs in from a new device for the first time or from a different location.

Passwordless Login

Option to use credential-based passwordless login, which includes the use of smartphone biometrics or FIDO tokens for BYODs.

Credential-Based Access

Option to use digital certificates through the use of PKI. This option provides a higher level of security.

Secure Access to Cloud Applications

Use our Multi-Factor Authentication for secure access to cloud applications like Office 365 through the use of SAML.

Secure Portals

Secure access to portals.

Support For A Wide Range Of Authentication Needs

Our Multi-Factor Authentication supports a wide range of use cases which includes online banking, customer portals for consumers, domain login, VPN login for the hybrid workforce.

Strengthen the Security of your users